Dove Cameron Before and After Plastic Surgery

Dove Cameron is one of the pretties girls in Hollywood, but is her beauty truly natural? That you can learn only by comparing her before and after photos. Read this article to find out everything about Dove Cameron plastic surgery!

Keeping an eye on all the high-reaching new celebrities is easier said than done nowadays, and Dove Cameron, Before and After has become pretty popular recently. Dozens  of young and famous women appear weirdly same as they wear similar makeup, choose the conventional hairstyles, have the same expressions on their lovely faces…

What if they even are treated by the same dermatologist or plastic surgeon?!

That was the thought I came off with when I paid some attention the latest pictures of Dove Cameron. Something on that photo of the 21-year-old star of ‘Liv and Maddie’ extremely intrigued me.

Dove Cameron before Plastic Surgery

I’ve always admired her absolutely perfect and creamy skin which I could only dream of. And still, for me personally, the beauty of her face is definitely one of the most awesome in the world. Yet I’ve started doubting if the rest of her body is actually that authentic. It seems I wasn’t the only one wondering.

Let’s have a good look at how her appearance evolved up to now:


Dove-Cameron-plastic surgery-before and after

I suggest you examining this childhood picture of Dove Cameron before surgery to get the hang on what changes her body has experienced later. Chloe Hosterman— that’s how she was called back then and when she was 14 the girl moved to Los Angeles changing her name to Dove Cameron. You surely can notice that her nose was then quite distinctive, and her lips were somewhat smaller too. By the way, the girl’s hair was naturally light brown.

Dove Cameron in 2011

Dove-Cameron-plastic surgery-before-and-after

Let’s move full speed to 2011, when Dove was first appeared as an actress. She was 15 years of age, and she had lightened her hair to a yellowy blonde already then. Yet I just doubt that was the only change, since to my mind, it appears Dove Cameron had a nose job at that time too. Don’t forget that her mother has written a book under the titile ‘The Hollywood Parents Guide: Your Roadmap to Pursuing Your Child’s Dream.’ Sooo…

Dove Cameron in 2012

Dove-Cameron-plastic surgery-before-and-after

See my point about Dove’s skin? Feel kind of jealous. Her face was a bit fuller then (perhaps it was a cute teenage baby fat), and the colour of her hair is far away from what it had been before. Also her lower lip implies some surgery procedures Cameron has undergone, even though she was only 16. It appears puffed and choppy, as if the filler gone wrong. All in all, Dove Cameron before surgery looked far more different.

Dove Cameron in 2013

Dove-Cameron-plastic surgery-before-and-after

Dove-Cameron-plastic surgery-before-and-after

This picture is really interesting as here we can see that the Dove’s nose bridge seems to be totally flattened. I’m truly sure it’s all to do with having undergone rhinoplasty too early. Did you pay attention to Dove’s dimples? Rumor has it Cameron has obtained through plastic surgery even them (yes, you can have such an operation today). The color of her hair and brows that match add to the non-natural impression, together with seeming extensions. I mean, either Dove has put her hair extensions down or she made a few inches shorter haircut, in a more reddish shade. It looks great! Despite it highlights the pink hues of her skin, to me she is hot and pretty on this picture. Her bridge doesn’t really seem so much flat.

Dove Cameron in 2014

Dove-Cameron-plastic surgery-before-and-after

Dove kept her hair the red during the part of 2014, but as you probably notice in the photo, this tone of her face is definitely not the perfect one. Her lower lip appears very full, and she has begun to use such obviously false lashes.

Dove-Cameron-plastic surgery-before-and-after

Look at her skin – it seems so shiny here. On this picture we can clearly see that tip of Dove Cameron’s nose has become so much refined, let alone the bridge. So we can speak of Dove Cameron nose job here. As for her lower lip, it is somewhat bigger than it had been before, and her brows are pretty thin.

Dove Cameron in 2015

Dove-Cameron-plastic surgery-before-and-after

Here is my favorite picture of the compilation showing the girl at 19 years of age. Isn’t her skin super marvelous to glow the way it does! Dove Cameron has finally made her hair buttery blonde, a perfect shade. She doesn’t wear much makeup except for lip stain, blush and these false lashes, so you can hardly imagine  Without much detectable makeup—just lashes, sheer blush and a lip stain—so it’s hard even to think of any possible Dove Cameron plastic surgery.



Her big Hollywood changes restarted here, marked with better hair color and the makeup of higher level. She made her brows a bit wider, and there is something strange about Dove’s lower lip. Note the way it dips in the center being puffy on side! I wonder if that can be the natural thing!

Dove Cameron in 2016


I would probably not recognize her in this shot. Her new hairstyle and surprisingly bushy brows make Dove appear quite new, despite the old shape of her conspicuously carves nose. Now once more, look at her lips. The lower one is larger than ever due to re-injection. Note though that was no Dove Cameron plastic surgery done on her top one, and let’s admit it was quite a witty way to trick us!


Then in 2016 tings changed suddenly after Dove got a title of a platinum blonde. It was not too hard to achieve having that super-pale skin, but those  lip injections together with strobing turned her beauty sort of aggressive. That fashion of daubing the end of your nose light is something I can hardly ever understand! It makes Dove Cameron nose job even more conspicuous! Now her lips look as puffy as Kylie Jenner’s since both of them were filled. Also Dove over-drew her brows dramatically. Plus Dove Cameron plastic surgery is quite visible, as compared to her appearance in 2013 and 2014. Nevertheless, neither the heavy-handedness nor her doll-like false lashes prevent her from being a beauty.


Dove Cameron in 2017


And now we head to 2017! Dove is 21, and I double-took this picture confusing her with Maddie Hasson. Her skin looks perfect as always, and the makeup appeals to me generally; her brows look so much better than previously. Dove’s lips appear a little settled down too. But look at her nose – it seems pinched, and the nostrils look really small. Now take a glance at the first 2016 picture. Is it simply some optical illusion or does her face really appear wider in Dove Cameron before and after shots?


Dove Cameron before and after photos: 2011 (left) and 2017 (right).


You might not catch her changes at first glance, but do a double take and you’ll notice Dove Cameron plastic surgery rumors are more than just talks. It’s very likely there were improvements made for her nose, lips, and maybe cheeks.

Dove’s mother was so eager to make her daughter famous that she relocated the family to Los Angeles, and there is little doubt that the girl has undergo some plastic surgeries. Dove Cameron nose job was just obligatory for her to succeed in Hollywood, since it’s become a common practice for young girls to enlarge their lips. It’s also true for Iggy Azalea and Jodie Sweetin, Bella Thorne and so many others

There’s always been something about Dove Cameron’ appearance I could never get the grip of. Now I see it might be because she had had rhinoplasty before her face matured completely. There might have been even several cosmetic interventions. That could explain why her bridge was totally flat, which seems to be corrected later.


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