Has Gwen Stefani Had Plastic Surgery? No Doubt

This time Gwen Stefani is holding sway over her followers’ minds not just with her performing. The celebrated singer has been under a waterfall of social attention for her new look after she appeared at the Primetime Emmy Awards in 2014. It was the reason for several insiders to allege that Gwen Stefani had plastic surgery.

gwen stefani before and after

As Dr. Anthony Youn stated in an interview with the fly-by-night entertainment news and rumors site RadarOnline.com, there’s “No Doubt” Stefani has some work done on her. The doctor who, by the way, has never treated the singer, said it was very likely that she had Botox injections, an eyelid lift, nose surgery, and maybe some skin graft. If you take a look at Gwen Stefani before and after pictures, you’ll understand what he meant.

He told the website that Gwen’s eyes appeared more open, and that effect might be created by a conservative, splendidly-done blepharoplasty (upper eyelid lift operation). As for Stefani’s forehead, it looks unnaturally immaculate for a person of her age, probably because of Botox injections. Her nose seems to be more thin too.

gwen stefani plastic surgery

Could it be that in her forties, the singer who has been for so long envied so much for her young look, has undergone several expensive and extensive plastic surgeries? In line with Dr. Youn, this suggestion is quite viable.

gwen stefani botox

The consulting surgeon suspects too that Gwen’s impeccable skin look could be created by some high-level chemical peels, such as the ZO Controlled Depth Peel.

Gwen, having three children with her husband, has never made known any of alleged plastic surgeries or other cosmetic procedures. Although she seems disapproving of how easy it has become to undergo a plastic surgery.

gwen stefani plastic surgery

The singer said in a 2007 interview she believed it was pretty odd that anyone was able to order the look they want to have. The modern society is pretty irresponsible in terms of this matter, yet it’s a serious one.

Actually, if Gwen Stefani just held up Botox a bit and let her upper lip be, her appearance would be miraculously natural. Nevertheless, she looks really stunning for a woman of her age.

gwen stefani before and after


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