Iggy Azalea’s Booty Looks Larger Than Ever — and Fans Are Sure She Got More Plastic Surgery

Our girl is back! On Tuesday, Feb 6th, Iggy Azalea shared an Instagram video of herself (and her teensy waist) on a luxurious car. As Iggy looks immaculate in her matching dress, we can’t help starring closely on her unbelievably voluptuous bottom.

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Azalea’s fans’ eyes have also been caught by her stunning new appearance, and they exchanged their views about it in the picture comments section. One wrote, “How did you get so heavy?”, and another posted, “Suns out buns out.” Another wrote, “I love your booty girl.”

The Aussie rapper has posted a photo after Iggy was seen leaving a tattoo parlor in LA with some guy — and her face looked very red and strikingly fuller. In a little way after Iggy’s pictures came to light online, fans made a beeline for social media to make her new look public. One of her fans commented that it upset him when lovely girls destroyed their faces with plastic surgery. “Iggy Azalea before plastic surgery was such a pretty girl”, he tweeted, and another wrote, “Omg, Iggy’s self-esteem must be really low. She was so gorgeous before. Now she looks puffed up!”


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A national education director at LABB Jennifer Leebow (who has never operated on the singer, by the way) says it seems like Iggy and her plastic surgeon has been in close contact. “Most likely her cheekbones are injected with Hyaluronic Acid fillers which shape the contour of the face,” the surgeon claimed in an interview for Life & Styleexclusively. She also said that it is best to use the slow and steady technique when contouring the cheeks in order not to overdo. This approach allows making sure the face doesn’t look puffy as we see in Iggy’s photos.

The surgeon also states that Iggy has used fillers for her lips to appear more voluminous as well as Botox to her brow to make her eyes seem wider. She added that these products were absorbable, so they would settle and start breaking down in 12-18 months after Iggy Azalea has done plastic surgery.

Anyway, this girl has never been too conscious about prattling on her esthetic surgeries. During the conversation on Ellen DeGeneres Show D in April 2016, she explained why she made upper he mind to get a nose job and breasts augmentation.

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When Ellen asked her, Iggy said, that there was nothing wrong with her. As she stated, that kind of choice is a personal one and all people should be able to make their informed decision. Iggy also said that if you want to alter something, it’s up to you.

This hypemaker added laughing that didn’t have boobs — before the plastic surgery Iggy Azalea only had nipples. But after enhancing they turned into breasts. Also, Iggy admitted a nose job done on her. “Thought I could use some — that would be a good addition”, the girl said.

Elle Canada magazine has released an interview with Iggy, in which she said she would like the society to cease making such a fuss about her going under the knife. Azalea said that in 2016, people need to understand and accept the fact that any kind of woman might have plastic surgery. It’s just the way it goes. Iggy believes more people should admit this reality so it doesn’t have to be such a forbidden matter since many do this anyway.

Scroll down the gallery to see how Iggy’s entire face was changing over the years!


Iggy Azalea before surgery in 2011.

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