Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

About This Stunning Woman

Almost everybody knows perfectly about Jennifer Lopez and her prominent beauty. But was it all really given to her by Mother Nature onlty?

Just in case you might be unaware of her, I’ll say that Jennifer is a dancer, singer, and actress based in America. She was born in 1969, on July 24th in a Puerto Rican family. Her talents also include film producing, clothes designing and being a judge on a TV show called “American Idol”. It looks like J. Lo (it is Lopez’s nickname) manages to achieve outstanding success in every goal she strives to reach. Moreover, she succeeds in remaining always sexy and fabulous in the process.

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Despite the fact that this woman is in her late forties, she seems to be maximum 27 years old. No doubt, if there is some hottest Hollywood females list, Jennifer is definitely somewhere around the top.


Nevertheless, many of us are not sure about J. Lo’s voluptuous body naturalness. It is the reason why there are tons of gossips and speculations on this topic lately. Her fans say it is highly probable that Jennifer has been under the knife, that is why her body seems fresh and young. Not many believe that it was only the gift of Mother Nature.

What Does She Claim?

The Make Me Heal website has posted Jennifer Lopez’s interview recently in which she had stated that she had gone under no surgery, unlike some Hollywood stars. Jennifer said she wanted artificial improvements neither to her body nor to face. However, J. claims that she is not going to criticize those who have undergone such surgeries.


Official Facts

Actually, there are no official facts to confirm all the speculations and gossips circulating in blogs. Nobody of Jennifer Lopez’s close friends, physicians or loved ones has ever spoken about her going under the knife. So the point is, there is no official ground for believing in Jenifer Lopez plastic surgery.  Nonetheless, surgeons and fans gossip continuously,


The plastic surgeons have studied some old pictures of  J. Lo and more recent ones. They have compared the photos and come to some shocking conclusions. According to a dermatologist Dr. Bruce Katz, Jennifer might have got Botox to make her face skin smoother and more beautiful. He suggests by the way that Jennifer has experienced a brow lift. His words are repeated by Dr. Steven Pearlman. Yet none of them has implied there has been some kind of serious plastic surgeries.


But we should mention that not all surgeons go along with this possible enhancement. For example, Dr. Kyle M. Back has an opposite opinion. He says it is perfectly obvious that J.’s body curves have experienced enhancement. He supposes that Lopez has had a breast lift and, probably, even breast implants together with enhancement in the bottom area. In his article doctor states that during the past few years the singer’s body has been changing extraordinarily. Some time ago her buttocks was deflated and her breasts were pretty flabby, which is quite normal for her age. Let’s not forget that this woman has two lovely kids.

But look at her breasts – now they are firm and bouncy and appear something bigger than earlier. Maybe it’s all because of her making a breast lift and silicone implants. Such a lift though might have been produced by use of a push-up bra, and heavily padded one, to achieve that spectacular look.


The Gossip Cop magazine though refutes the alleged boob job of J. Lo. They affirm that she just couldn’t undergo a breast enlargement surgery during her vacations in as some columnists and gossip bloggers claim. She was too busy over the holiday season and spent a lot of time in activities like dance rehearsals and some social functions. Thus Jennifer Lopez would have had no opportunity to get better after the plastic surgery,jennifer-lopez-plastic surgery 2

As Dr. Back states, the distinguished booty of J. Lo looks much better now. This fact implies a butt lift, but, of course, J. refutes it.

According to Dr. Back, Jennifer Lopez’s famous butt looks far perkier now. It might be a result of a butt lift, though the actress denies it. Actually, we would hardly ever buy it that her new booty could be merely shaped by exercises. The reality is, when you look at the before and after pictures, you will surely doubt that her new, balanced booty could simply be the aftermath of the workout.

If there was no plastic surgery to fix Jennifer’s booty, she would have had to do some special exercises, to wear clothes which highlight her bottom and create that effect of a plump and balanced butt.


Over the last years, Jennifer Lopez’s appearance experienced some slight changes as not to interfere with her personal life. If she has undergone plastic surgery of any kind, her doctor must be truly excellent. There isn’t any conspicuous overdoing. This woman seems to be as fresh and beautiful as if she never aged, and it looks like she doesn’t even need Botox injections or nose jobs, which so many celebrities wind up demonstrating.

If you don’t study Jennifer Lopez’s before and after pictures very closely, you are unlikely to notice discern the extent of the changes.

What is pretty suspicious is that she is now as crazily sexy now as she looked before she gave birth to her children fifteen years ago, and that just seems unnatural. A forty-six-year-old mother of two should not appear as young as J. Lo does.

jennifer-lopez-plastic surgery

Jennifer would have loads of reason to lay under the knife. She tries to come back into acting, and this profession is infamously tough on anyone who doesn’t look impeccable in any case, so she might wish, of course, to look her best for the TV and cameras.

Moreover, her bodacious butt is one of her most prominent assets. If it didn’t look so good, then it would probably be harder for J. Lo to restart her acting career.

But did she undergo plastic surgery at the end of the day? The truth might never be revealed. Jennifer refutes it. Her close friends and loved ones deny it too. Not a single surgeon has stepped forward and let the cat out of the bag about being her doctor. Therefore, we cannot either confirm or deny the rumors about Jennifer Lopez’s plastic surgeries. All there is do is to make suggestions. Now, all in all, you can make up your mind. Did Jennifer Lopez have plastic surgery? It’s up to you to decide.


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