Rumors about Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery: Before and After Pictures

I bet you’ve heard many speculations about Christina El Moussa plastic surgery recently. But anyway, who is she, this new iconic celebrity?


Several Biography Facts

A reality TV shows celebrity Christina El Moussa is an ambitious and coming on strong woman. She also possesses some real-estate and is well-known as a media personality and a prosperous investor in real-estate. In business, she runs her own strategy called “house flipping”. El Moussa hosts the “Flip or Flop” TV show broadcasting on HGTV which is believed to be the most profitable undertaking in her career. Christina’s net is worth about $4 million, and she enjoys the admiration of her fans for her brilliant mind and charm.

Christina El Moussa height is 5 feet 3 inch (173 cm). Her ethnicity is North American.

Could Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery Even Be Real?

Chances are this is just what it seems – only gossips! Yet when before and after pictures are compared to each other, it is easy to believe that Christina has been under the knife, since we guess it hardly is the truth, and the changes in her facial appearance are unlikely the matter of natural process.

Has Christina El Moussa Facelift Done On Her?

As many assumed, Christina had undergone facelift surgery, just as Carrie Fisher did, trying to eliminate the fine lines and wrinkles which naturally begin to be more and more noticeable when you are in your 30s.

Nevertheless, this suggestion is just a shot in the dark, as these sort of aging signs can appear much later than the person’s thirties, so Christina might just groom herself really well and the marks simply hasn’t started to be conspicuous.

Some presume that El Moussa has had Botox injections, and it is much more likely to be true because her skin looks exceptionally smooth, shiny and wrinkle-free.

Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery Proofs?

It looks as though these rumors about her plastic surgery are grounded on the mere supposition and the desire to speculate, but not on the apparent and official evidence.

Mother Nature has given El Moussa the inborn beauty. She is slender, bronzed, fair-haired, her face is very attractive. She looks happy and young in most pictures.

As for me, it’s just all about making hype and fuss for people to suggest that Christina has had plastic surgery.

She might have had Botox injections to preserve the appearance of her impeccably smooth skin.

Yet even this is not very likely and is much of the investigating critics’ guess rather than truth.

My Opinion

In today media there is kind of a need for those who are in charge to point out defects in people that are apparently immaculate. This often leads to newspaper and tabloid speculations that aren’t true but are meant to whip up talks and gossips.

Christina El Moussa is a charming, prosperous and bright woman who is making her way in a world which is usually ruled by men – the world of real estate investing.

That is why I believe people think there must be something wrong with her, so they start to disparage her look and suppose her beauty is fake.

All In all, there are too few evidences in these claims, so it’s probably about a rumor-mongering and spoiled society than about Christina and her appearance.

To Wrap It Up


It can hardly be true that Christina El Moussa has undergone plastic surgery. That unwillingness to admit that a person can be so beautiful in her 30’s without having work done is a feature of our flawed and appearance-obsessed civilization. And media, which we are crazed by, strive to cut down to size a successful woman.



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